Membership of the Guild is a corporate one, where the individual representing any organisation may change from time to time with the agreement of the Master and First Committee. There are approximately forty companies and ten charitable trusts in membership at present, all represented by a senior executive, as well as a number of personal members. All members are called Guardians.

Membership is by invitation of the First Committee who may invite any former Guardian who is Past Master or who has rendered other significant services to the Guild, to be a personal member. Honorary Membership may be granted by the First Committee to a person distinguished in any field consistent with the Aims of the Guild.


The Officers, with exception of the Master, are elected each year by the Guardians at the AGM in November. The Master Elect when so elected shall assume the office of Master the following year. The Officers of the Guild are:

The Master
Immediate Past Master
Master Elect
Senior Guardian
Hon Treasurer
Minute Secretary


The Guild is managed by an executive committee known as the First Committee, which consists of the Officers and up to four co-opted members, including two Past Masters.

Master of the Guild of Guardians2021/2022, Jon Press and Wife Louise Press

Members of The Guild of Guardians are entitled to an exclusive 50% discount on room hire rates Monday – Friday. For more information please contact us on 0117 903 1460 or